My name is Calista Hunter Plodzien and I am a graphic designer based in Boone, NC and Joliet, IL!

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University. In my time as a designer so far, I have found a deep rooted passion for problem solving with my design work, and enjoy thinking dynamically about my work. Beyond the realm of graphic design, my creative pursuits extend into book arts and installation. I find fascination in the intricacies of bookbinding, recognizing its role in shaping the perception of a book. Similarly, with installation art, I explore how the presentation of a piece influences how viewers engage with and interpret the work. This broader perspective allows me to bring a unique and thoughtful approach to each creative endeavor. As I continue to evolve in my design career, my commitment to problem-solving, dynamic thinking, and a multi-disciplinary approach remains at the forefront. I am excited to contribute my skills and creativity to projects that offer meaningful solutions and experiences!

email: plodzienc@gmail.com